If your Model 357 is not weighing consistently You can check the following:

  1. The scale is not level All four feet of platform need to be touching surface beneath.
  2. Scale has become saturated with water.  While the scale platform is water resistant the scale indicator is not.  If the scale is put away wet, especially inside out waterproof case, the case could act as a steam chamber and saturate the scale circuitry.  Generally, this is NOT permanent damage.  Let the scale sit out, sitting in the hot sun all day is good for it, and dry it out.  The scale should then go back to normal weighing operation. If not,
  3. The scale load cell/s are damaged or cable from indicator to platform is damaged.  Unit will need to be sent in to Pro Tournament Scales for repair.

A general idea of what repair prices run can be found here: https://protournamentscales.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/8000045351-how-much-does-it-cost-to-repair-my-

Repair Instructions

1. Print and fill out this form 

2. Carefully pack up scale system (Scale can be shipped directly in waterproof seahorse case no outer cardboard is required)

3. Ship unit insured to:

Pro Tournament Scales

Attn: Repair Dept.

2001 N Morton St

Franklin, IN 46131

Be sure you include your return shipping address.