Press and Hold the ZERO and UNITS buttons at the same time Until Scale says "SETUP"

Then the scale will say P1.XY (P1 stands for Parameter 1 and XY will be some number)

While in the setup mode the following buttons provide the following controls:

Press the UNIT key to increment the flashing number

Press the HOLD/PRINT key to shift the flashing number to the next position.

Press TARE key to confirm and save the set data and move to the next parameter.

Press ON/OFF/ZERO key to exit the setup mode.

So to set the backlight you will enter the setup mode by:

  1. Press and holding ZERO and UNITS until SEtUP is displayed on screen
  2. P1.0 Should be displayed.
  3. Press TARE to move to the next parameter.
  4. We are looking for P20.  Continue pressing TARE until you get to P19, If when you get to P19 you press the TARE button and it goes back to P1 then your scale is not equipped with a backlight. Press ON/OFF/ZERO to exit setup mode.
  5. If you get to P20 you can choose the following settings:
    P20.0 = Backlight is always off
    P20.1 = Backlight is always on
    P20.2 = Backlight is auto on and auto off. It will automatically turn off after 10s when the scale goes to a stable reading and has no key operation.  It will automatically turn on when a key is pressed or there is motion on the scale.
  6. Use the UNIT key to increment the number to your desired choice.  (2 is default)
  7. Once you have the desired number input press the TARE button to save
  8. Then press the ON/OFF/ZERO button to exit setup menu.