If you are having problems zeroing your H2 Scale it could be something below:

Scale is locked and won't zero

If the scale has weight on it (like a basket) that you are trying to zero, but the Scale is locked then you will need to press the zero button for 2 beeps to have it zero out.

It's really windy or there is motion on the scale

The scale needs to be in a stable state to zero, so if it's really windy you will need to wait until the motion arrow is not longer lit to press the zero button.

Scale is in NET mode 

In order to zero the scale while in NET mode you will have to press the TARE button.  However please note that some features such as Auto Zero Tracking may not work in NET mode.  We recommend operating the scale in GROSS mode exclusively.

Scale platform is not communicating with scale indicator

If scale says +RANGE then the platform is not connected to the scale.  this can be due to a damaged connector, a damaged cord, the connector not plugged in or the connector plugged into the wrong spot on the bottom of the scale.