Internal Lithium-Ion Batteries.  It is a non user serviceable part and the average lifespan is 3-5 years.

To get the longest possible life out of your batteries always fully charge the batteries before storing them.  Also you don't need to run them completely dead, that is for a different style battery.  It is best to keep the batteries fully charged as much as possible.

The replacement cost for batteries on H2 and Remote Displays is $45.00.

Only the indicator needs to be shipped back, not the scale platform.

Repair Instructions

1. Print and fill out this form 

2. Carefully pack up scale system (Scale can be shipped directly in waterproof seahorse case no outer cardboard is required)

3. Ship unit insured to:

Pro Tournament Scales

Attn: Repair Dept.

2001 N Morton St

Franklin, IN 46131

Be sure you include your return shipping address.